For who is CrossFit?
Anyone can participate in CrossFit, both young and old.

May I CrossFit exercise if I’ve never did exercise in my entire life?
Of course that’s possible. However, we advise you to first take a short interview with our headcoach Marcha, so we can determine your starting level and together with you we will create a targeted plan, because at CrossFit Flames we spend extra time on personal attention to each client and we work in small groups.

CrossFit not only keeps young and fit, but is also has the following advantages:

  •  Increase your base metabolism
  •  Improving endurance
  • Improvement of co-ordination so that the brains are positively influenced, resulting in an improved alertness and reaction time.
  •  Increase in lean body mass and decrease in body fat.
  •  Develop your social areas as you train in a group where all participants experience the same.
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